Advantages Of Buying A Non Profit Accounting Software

nfaccountingAccounting software solutions are meant to serve varied needs. These software could be broadly classified into two categories such as software solutions for profit making enterprises and software solutions for non profit making institutions.

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Accounting software solutions are meant to serve varied needs. These software could be broadly classified into two categories such as software solutions for profit making enterprises and software solutions for non profit making institutions.

Here in this article, we will look into various advantages of buying a non profit accounting software.

1.First things first, like any other business entity a non profit making organization needs to keep record of their inflows and outflows. However, their accounting software doesn’t possess all features that are available in software meant for profit making institution. Custom needs of the organization hold a great importance in choosing one such software.

2.Since all non profit making institutions are accountable to people who have made financial contributions to run the institution, keeping smooth and clear account of incoming funds and outflows becomes mandatory. For a large charitable trust or an NGO, it is quite a task to keep details of expenses manually. For manual accounting efforts most often turn out to be full of inaccuracies. So, these specially designed non profit accounting software become quite a necessity for these organizations.

3.A non profit making institution in any case needs payroll software. For, whether an organization earns profit or not, if it has appointed employees it will have to give back remunerations to its employees. And when it comes to maintenance of salaries and compensations of large number of employees, nothing proves as handy as a payroll accounting software.

4.Also software enables the patrons of the organization to diversify funds in a systematic manner. An efficient diversification of incoming funds would ensure smooth functioning of the organization. Moreover with the help of the software even minutest details of donations made at different stages could be maintained. These details help in ascertaining future inflows.

5.The best advantage of this software is smooth calculation of annual budget. With induction of this software it is no ordeal to ascertain budget of the coming year by analyzing inflow and outflow of the current and previous years.

All in all, to enjoy all these benefits, an organization must make it sure that the software is suitable for their future accounting needs as well. The software must gel with the existing account management system. Its user friendliness should also be ensured before making a purchase.

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Studying For Cisco Certification

ciscocertification10 Steps to a Quality Cisco Certification.

With the rapid growth and expansion in the field of network technology, there is increasing demand for skilled network professionals. Cisco Systems has long been the industry leader in the field of data networking and continues to grow market share in all major technology areas, including those areas of current high demand such as voice, video, and wireless. Gaining experience with and certifications in Cisco technologies can provide a safe harbor for your career in uncertain economic times such as these. While many technology professionals are interested in Cisco certifications there is often confusion as to the best path to take and how to achieve a quality certification experience.

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Achieving that quality certification experience is the key. Many of us have been in the industry long enough to hear the term “paper certifications” which refers to a certification gained by an individual with little resulting practical experience and knowledge; the certification is said to be worth as much as the paper it is printed on. When you make the decision to pursue a Cisco certification you should make the decision to pursue a quality certification, to which you will commit the investment of your time and energy with the goal of gaining the technical skill set and knowledge to make you a leader in the field. Without the drive and determination to earn the certification you are doing nothing more than memorizing answers and taking tests. This is how “paper certifications” are born; little effort is put in to learning the technology and little effort is put in to earning the certification. Continue reading “Studying For Cisco Certification”

Troubleshooting With A Plus

troubleshootingPreventing Computer Troubleshooting Through A+ Certification Preparation.

It is a common problem in almost every computer to troubleshoot and people around the world go mad when their computers bring out such problems. Whether a computer is being used in a house or in an organization, troubleshooting leads people to kick, smack, knock and punch their systems. No doubt the problem is really irritating and time wasting. How can information technology experts create a good business out of this troubleshooting problem is by giving an A+ certification exam. No matter what computers do, information technology professionals always have endless chances to find job opportunities in every aspect of information technology. It should be interesting for many to know that even computer troubleshooting and malfunctioning has called for job vacancies in the world of information technology. However, to get a job of fixing computers, one needs to go through a certification preparation and take its examination to get a knowledge validating certificate. Continue reading “Troubleshooting With A Plus”

Can A+ Help With Disaster Recovery

disasterAn Overview of A+ Certification.

The IT industry is one of the few that requires A+ training to demonstrate computer-training skills acquired outside the frame of a normal job experience. This requisite is achieved by passing industry standard A+ certification tests, the most basic qualification that any IT professional should earn.

A+ training is the proof that you have received the adequate knowledge in computer systems and A+ certification confirms that you have computer training and you are capable to do common tasks, such as assemble a computer, install different operating systems and applications, and troubleshooting when needed.

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Both A+ training and A+ certification do not require a determined scholarship to apply or a qualified job in the IT industry, only the willingness to get the knowledge to later qualify as a technician in the field, regardless of your background. This approach is also considered getting certification from Cisco, Novell, Oracle or Microsoft, although some prerequisites may apply depending on the chosen certification. Continue reading “Can A+ Help With Disaster Recovery”

Ideal Computer Support

ITsupportHow To Select The Right IT Company For Computer Support And Get The Best Deal Possible.
Even though you have great computer support sometimes you still need more. There are a lot of new companies out there that offer offshore computer support for clients all over the world. If you are running a business, no matter how big or small, you will need some sort of networking for your computers. Lots of companies hire and maintain a huge IT department and a full time staff that just sits there most of the time, and wakes up when a problem arises.

When looking for IT services go for a company that has a few well educated engineers that know what they are doing. But with the constant cost cutting and rough economy, you need to maximize your company’s full potential. Look around for a few of the outsourcing companies out there and compare and see what each have to offer. You must do your market research before choosing the right firm. All of them promise a lot of things, but only a few deliver.

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Sign up to related forums to get more inside info on these companies. No matter how much research you do these days companies fill up their websites with a lot of fluff and false advertisement to attract customers. Don’t be fooled and end up paying high costs to wind up even more frustrated. Do your research because it will help you in choosing the right firm in the long run. Continue reading “Ideal Computer Support”

Computer Network Administrators And A+

adminitratorsNetwork Administrator Certifications – An Overview.

In the modern business world, computers are king. Widely present in offices of all types, from law firms to doctors’ offices to the business world, these machines have the ability to store and quickly manipulate large amounts of data. Computers have been around in one form or another since the 1940s; however, it was only since the 1980s that computers enjoyed widespread use in business, with personal and networked computing truly gaining popularity when the Internet became widely available in the 1990s.

Accordingly, the number of computer-related careers has expanded considerably in availability and scope since then. There exist jobs for high- and low-level programming professionals; user interface designers; and software engineers. These jobs typically require extensive schooling, with additional experience acquired on the job. Continue reading “Computer Network Administrators And A+”

Learn To Build And Repair PCs

computerrepairNecessary Computer Training for Computer Repair and Building.

In a world full of internet users and computerholics, it is crucial that you have an extensive amount of knowledge. With such an abundance of companies turning to computer repair and building, it is no wonder that thousands of people are now trying to turn it into a career. Since computers have taken over our every day activities, careers in computer training and computer repair have flourished. Although it is one of the hardest jobs in the industry, it is not only rewarding, but filled with great connections.

In order to get a job as a computer repair technician or a computer builder, one must have the appropriate amount of computer training. After all, CBT is crucial when you are showing a client the work you have done. Chances are not many firms will want to hire you if you do not have the right computer training. Surprisingly, these two fields are the most difficult because they require more logic and skill. Unfortunately, most of this knowledge will only come from computer training courses. However, there are a select few who have developed it from having their own clients and avoiding the education route. Continue reading “Learn To Build And Repair PCs”

A+ Certification and Linux

linuxHow to Prepare For A+ Certification Test.

A + Certification was created by a non-profit making organization called Comp TIA. This test accesses and accredits the capabilities of computer technicians. It comprises of two exams to check the knowledge of computer hardware and software- A+ essentials and an elective exam. The certification is vendor neutral, so the technician can work on any system. There are some pre-requisites to get A + Certification; some of them are listed below.

– The person attempting to give this exam should have a thorough knowledge of Microsoft Windows.
– He/she should have 500 hours of work experience in this field.
– The candidate should clear two tests, A+ essentials and an elective exam. The elective exam could be any one of the three i.e. IT Technician, Remote Support Technician or Depot Technician.

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A+ certification adds value to your profile as an entry-level computer technician. Companies will prefer to hire you, as compared to a non-certified computer technician. They can promote their business with the A+ logo, which can be a crowd puller. The certification is well recognized not only in IT industry but also otherwise. It can open up new career options, you can upgrade yourself with other certification courses like, Linux +, Network +, Server + and so on. Continue reading “A+ Certification and Linux”

The A+ Certification Exam

a+certificationHow A+ Certification Turns IT Specialists Into Cyber Saviors.

Today, our capacity to perform tasks and remember large amounts of data is directly related to our increasing dependence on computers. This has clear advantages as we use computers as extensions of our own human capabilities, but with this increasing dependence comes new risks. In case of computer malfunctions, we run the risk of losing important data or being inhibited from continuing doing business for periods of time. For this reason, today’s IT specialist is an important person, resource, and all around cyber savoir.

To guarantee that those we entrust with the maintenance and health of our digital and virtual worlds of information and processing power have the right kind of qualifications, we have set up internationally-agreed upon standards of education for IT specialists. This certification is known as the A+ certification, and passing these comprehensive exams is necessary to gain this certification and to guarantee that not only the IT specialist can get a good job, but that we who rely on IT specialists can rest assured that their educational level is held to the highest standards. Continue reading “The A+ Certification Exam”

A Plus and Cisco Networks

A+A+ Certification Training a Must for New Tech Experts.

Proper certification is necessary for almost any job that calls for the continued use of a particular skill. One particular area of expertise that is in demand is computer technology, due to the general population’s increased dependency on technological operations.

Computer technology is evolving at a rapid rate. A direct result of this rapid growth is the need for more tech experts. This demand has greatly increased the value of the IT expert, as well as the scale by which he/she is measured.

The problem is that companies must be able to differentiate between people who are simply computer proficient, and those that are extremely qualified and immediately capable. The Computing Technology Industry Association has implemented what is known as the CompTIA exam in order to put a method to the technological madness.

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The successful completion of the CTIA’s exam provides victors with a very valuable certificate. The bearers of the certificate are immediately considered to be very capable individuals, as the exam certifies the individual’s computer competency. They are immediately recognized as qualified service technicians. Continue reading “A Plus and Cisco Networks”


DDR SDRAM or double-data-rate synchronous dynamic random access memory is a type of memory used in computers. DDR and SDRAM are designed to double the clock speed of the memory. It achieves greater bandwidth by transferring data on both the rising and falling edges of the clock signal. Thus a 100 MHz DDR system has an effective clock rate of 200MHz.112

With data being transferred 8 bytes at a time DDR RAM gives a transfer rate of 16 bytes Thus with a bus frequency of 100 MHz, DDR-SDRAM gives a max transfer rate of 1600 MB/s.

DDR SDRAM DIMMs has 184 pins, and can be differentiated from SDRAM DIMMs by the number of notches (DDR SDRAM has 1, SDRAM has 2). DDR operates at a voltage of 2.5V, compared to 3.3V for SDRAM. This can significantly reduce power usage. Continue reading “DDR and DDR2 RAM”

Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM)

SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM) was introduced in 1996. SDRAM was developed to match the ever-increasing processing speeds of the111 Pentium systems just as Cisco training was introduced to help others further understand in’s and out’s of networking knowledge.

Synchronous DRAM, is synchronized to the speed of the systems (e.g. PC66 SDRAM runs at 66MHz, PCIOO runs at 100M HZ, PC133 runs at 133MHz and so on) hence the name “synchronous”. Synchronizing the speed of the systems prevents the address bus from having to wait for the memory because of different clock speeds. Continue reading “Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM)”

Video RAM (VRAM)

110VRAM (Video RAM) is a term used in computers to describe RAM dedicated for displaying bitmap graphics in graphics hardware. VRAM resides on the motherboard physically and is separate from the main RAM. In few systems the VRAM is shared with the system RAM. Continue reading “Video RAM (VRAM)”

Static Random Access Memory

SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) is a type of semiconductor memory. The word “static” indicates that the memory retains its contents as long as power is continuously applied.19
In a SRAM, the only time the data on the memory is refreshed or changed is when an actual write command is executed. SRAM is very fast, but is much more expensive than DRAM. SRAM is often used as cache memory due to its speed. Continue reading “Static Random Access Memory”

Dynamic random access memory (DRAM)

18DRAM (Dynamic random access memory):

  • Is an enhancement over SRAM. DRAM has a different approach towards storing the 1s and 0s. DRAM stores information as charges in very small capacitors, instead of transistors.
  • Stores each bit of data in a separate capacitor. If a charge exists in a capacitor, it’s interpreted as a 1. The absence of a charge will be interpreted as a 0.
  • Uses capacitors instead of switches. As the capacitor leaks electrons, the information gets lost eventually, unless the charge is refreshed periodically, therefore it uses a constant refresh signal to keep the information in memory. Because it must be refreshed periodically, it is called dynamic memory.
  • Needs more power than SRAM to refresh signals, therefore, is mostly found in desktop computers.
  • Uses several memory units called cells. These cells are packed with very high density. Hence, these chips can hold large amounts of data.
  • Also known as FPM (fast page mode) DRAM, it comes in 80, 70 or 60 nanosecond (ns) speeds.� Takes two processor wait-states each time a read or write takes place. The advantage is that, it’s compatible with just about everything. Disadvantage is that it’s the slowest of the memory types currently available and because it isn’t in demand, it’s now more expensive than faster memory alternatives such as EDO and SDRAM.
  • Are available on industry standard 30- or 72-pin Single Inline Memory Modules (SIMMs). DRAM is also available in DIMMs.

Extended Data Out (EDO) RAM

  • Increases performance up to 15 percent over DRAM by eliminating memory wait states, this means eliminating few steps to access memory.17
  • Extends the availability of data in the memory as the read time does not expire until an additional signal is sent to the chip. Hence it is called an Extended Data Out RAM. In comparison a DRAM discharges its contents after read and must be refreshed before another read can occur.
  • Is more expensive than DRAM, but less expensive than SDRAM. EDO RAM comes in 72-pin SIMMs and sometimes even on 168-pin DIMMs (dual inline memory modules).
  • Plenum Cable Flammability Tests Videos

    16All A+ certification books describe the difference between regular cable and plenum cable in a fire, but would you like to see the difference? Major firms sell cable and put together a series of videos so that customers can see what they’re paying for when they spend extra for plenum rated cable. Fortunately their videos are a great illustration for anyone pursuing CompTIA A+ certification, since this topic is covered in the Networking domain of the CompTIA A+ certification exam.

    Drobo surpasses RAID

    15During a recent class discussion on RAID, a student recommended I look into Drobo, an external storage unit that promises some real advantages over standard RAID arrays. The basic Drobo unit plugs into either a USB or Firewire connection on your computer and holds up to four hard drives, which you can supply, or which you can buy with your Drobo. Continue reading “Drobo surpasses RAID”

    Inkjet Vs. Lasers, myth v.reality

    14Though CompTIA updates their A+ objectives every few years sometimes the information you find in books and websites that are supposed to help with A+ certification is surprisingly out of date. Most A+ certification material I see, especially online, tends to perpetuate old stereotypes about inkjets and laser printers. This material is often carried forward from old A+ certification sources, and is only accurate for old CompTIA A+ certification tests. Continue reading “Inkjet Vs. Lasers, myth v.reality”

    Hard drive disposal videos

    13CompTIA’s A+ test objectives include Domain 5.0: Security, which among other things, requires A+ certification candidates to know about “Data wiping / hard drive destruction / hard drive recycling”. If an A+ certification student is working in the industry it’s likely that their organization has some kind of hard drive disposal policy, usually involving the wiping of the hard drive. This can either take the form of software which electronically randomizes the bits, or a device which magnetically erases the information. Continue reading “Hard drive disposal videos”

    MemTest for Windows

    1Problems due to faulty RAM can be difficult to diagnose. If a system’s RAM has gone bad the user can experience program crashes, spontaneous reboots, sudden system freezes, BSODs (Blue Screens of Death), corrupt data, and more. The problem is those symptoms could also be caused by a bad CPU. Or a bad motherboard. Or glitchy power. One classic method of diagnosing RAM problems is to replace the RAM and test to see if the symptoms disappear. But with CompTIA’s new emphasis on practical application in A+ certification, an A+ certification candidate should know which tools can make you sure. After all, no one wants to buy new RAM only to have their A+ certified tech then tell them, “Oops, I guess maybe it was the CPU. Or the motherboard. Or … ”

    Hardware RAM testers exist, but are rare, and an A+ certified tech rarely would have access to one in the field. Software RAM testers are less reliable, but are often free and easy to include on a flash drive as part of a software toolkit. That makes them a go-to tool when the symptoms suggest bad RAM. False negatives are common—bad RAM will often be reported as A-OK after a scan. But if your RAM tester tells you your RAM is bad you have a smoking gun clearly implicating the culprit. Continue reading “MemTest for Windows”

    Types of RAM

    There are two types of RAM:138

    Static RAM (SRAM) retains its contents as long as electrical power is applied to the chip. If the power even if lost temporarily, its contents will be lost forever. They are faster than DRAM but are expensive. SRAM is used only where access speed is extremely important.

    Dynamic RAM (DRAM) has an extremely short data lifetime-typically about four milliseconds. They are effective whenever large amounts of RAM are required.

    Apart from SRAM and DRAM, there are EDO RAM, VRAM (Designed for graphics), SDRAM (next level of DRAM), DDR RAM (Next level of SDRAM) and RDRAM. Continue reading “Types of RAM”

    Types of ROM

    Lets take a look at ROM types. 1181

    The classification reflects the evolution of ROM devices from hardwired to programmable to erasable-and-programmable devices. A common feature of all these devices is their ability to retain data and programs forever, even during a power failure.

    Masked ROMs: The very first ROMs were hardwired devices the contents of which had to be specified before chip production. They are now called masked ROMs to distinguish them from other types of ROM.

    PROM: One step up from the masked ROM is the PROM (programmable ROM. A Device programmer is used for writing the data to the PROM; it writes data one word at a time by applying an electrical charge to the input pins of the chip. Once programmed the PROM’s contents can never be changed.

    EPROM (erasable-and-programmable ROM): is programmed in the same manner as a PROM. The advantage EPROM has over PROM is that it can be erased and reprogrammed repeatedly. Data on an EPROM is erased by exposing it to a strong source of ultraviolet light which resets EPROM to its initial un-programmed state.

    Hybrid memories are developed that can be read and written as desired just like RAM, but maintain their contents without electrical power, just like ROM. EEPROM and flash are Continue reading “Types of ROM”

    Basic Information About RAM

    RAM – Random Access Memory is a collection of memory chips, which function as the computer’s primary workspace. In today’s computer, 64MB (6414 megabytes) of SDRAM is a minimum for a desktop computer.

    The “random” in RAM means that the contents of each byte of storage in the chip can be accessed directly without accessing the bytes before or after it. RAM chips require power to maintain their content that is why the data must be saved to disk before turning off the computer. Continue reading “Basic Information About RAM”

    VRM (Voltage Regulator Module)

    VRM (Voltage Regulator Module) is used for supplying proper voltage to the processor for its operation. A VRM (Voltage Regulator Module) is installed in Header 8 on the motherboard.13

    Most VRMs have VID (Voltage ID). VID allows the processor to program the correct voltage during power-on. If the motherboard has Header 8, then a VRM must be installed in the header to power the processor. Continue reading “VRM (Voltage Regulator Module)”